Yasser Abd Elrahman is proof that collaborative music has an exciting future.”

Composer, Conductor, Virtuoso Violinist

International Collaboration

Original Compositions

By their beauty and originality, the compositions of Yasser Abd Elrahman unite peoples and cultures, inspiring deep emotions and an appreciation for international music.

Yasser Abd Elrahman’s compositions have had a major impact on the Middle Eastern music scene. His characteristic blend of traditional Arabic and Western influences revolutionized the way Middle Eastern music is heard and produced. Known as one of the most influential figures in modern Arabic music, Yasser has been credited for helping to break the boundaries between formal and informal music. He has developed an emphasis on unique harmonies which led to the development of new waves in the music industry. 

Yasser is credited with creating an iconic sound that came to define Egyptian cinema, thereby setting a precedent for future composers in the region. His compositions combine the traditional tarab resonance of Egypt's classical culture with a distinct violin voice and feature heavily rhythmic strings, horns, electric organs, as well as traditional Egyptian instruments. His lyrical themes are still regarded as some of the best Egyptian film scores ever composed.

Yasser's groundbreaking music has become hugely popular in the Arab world. His influence has extended to other countries in the region such as Turkey and Iran and to Arabic music fans around the globe. He has been hailed as one of the leading lights of the contemporary Arabic music scene with his innovative use of technology, mixing of traditional and international genres, and passionate performances. 

The impact of Yasser's music can be felt in various aspects of the music industry. His work has helped to expand the region’s music styles by creating a space for new kinds of musical expression. Furthermore, his influence has led to a greater awareness and appreciation of Middle Eastern music worldwide, opening the door to a new era of collaboration between artists from diverse cultures and musical genres.


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